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If you have never heard of Naturopathic medicine before or are curious to know what Naturopathic medicine can do for you, it may be a good idea to book a FREE 15-minute, no-obligation consult with Dr. Ali Nurani. Currently, 15-min consults are available only at Nova Naturopathic Clinic. These are great opportunities to:

  • MEET and talk one-on-one with the naturopathic doctor
  • ASK questions about how naturopathic medicine can address your specific health concerns
  • LEARN more about what it’s like to be a patient at our office
  • SEE if our doctors and our office are a good fit for what you are seeking
  • SCHEDULE your first appointment if you choose to become a patient at our office

It would be helpful if you bring in all your questions, lab reports, X-rays, CT scan, MRI imaging, and any additional information to help us better understand your health needs to your consult. Consults are brief and are meant to be mostly educational.

**Please note that NO treatments or therapies will be provided during this visit**

Book Your FREE 15-Minute Consultation


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