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Heartburn isn’t just annoying. It can be downright painful and could have long term health consequences if not treated. Heartburn is usually an indication that one’s digestive system is not working optimally. In addition to impacting your ability to absorb nutrients, an inefficient digestive tract will usually lead to fatigue, the inability to concentrate, skin problems, and more.


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Why test for food sensitivities?

Since food sensitivities involve an immune reaction in the bloodstream, there can be a wide range of systemic effects that may result. Locally in the digestive tract, food reactions can cause havoc to our gastrointestinal system including our delicate balance of gut bacteria and enzymes, causing vicious cycles of poor digestion, inflammation, and infection. Some health problems that may result from ignoring food sensitivities include:


What if the foods you love to eat are the exact foods that are making you sick?

Food Allergies and Food Sensitivities are not the same thing...

Every single day our bodies break down, process and extract nutrients from the foods we eat without any problems and most of us give very little attention to this spontaneous process. Unfortunately, in some cases, our relationship with food may not be this straightforward and may even be causing health problems. Food reactions are becoming increasingly common nowadays and more people are starting to pay attention to what they are including in their diets.

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